Like many other photographers I love it when I get a referral from awesome clients. There is a quote that basically says you are a reflection of who you hang around with. I take that to mean a referral from awesome people just means I get to work with more awesome people. Thank you Christina and Louis for proving me right. I had a great time shooting with you guys in Downtown Edmonton and at the park. You two rock! Can’t wait to do it again in 2017!!

2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0001 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0002 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0003 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0004 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0005 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0006 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0007 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0008 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0009 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0010 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0011 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0012 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0013 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0014 2016-christina-louis-downtown-edmonton-engagement-0015

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Posted by Chris Simon, Edmonton Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering the greater Edmonton, Alberta area and open to travel. The love, the laughter, the pure emotion of your day; it’s YOUR STORY! I just capture it.

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