“We want to go to the volleyball courts”. That’s not something I hear often but if a couple wants to do something in their engagement shoot that speaks to who they are I’m totally game (no pun intended). Debbie, Matt, and I had fun going around Edmonton taking in some good weather, taking photos, and just enjoying our city in good company. Edmonton has one of the best River Valley’s around. With so many parks and trails it’s always busy, and not to mention it’s just beautiful. But, throw in a couple like Debbie and Matt and it’s beauty just gets turned up a notch. Thanks Debbie and Matt for making my job easy by having fun and looking good doing it!

debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0001 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0002 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0003 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0004 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0005 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0007 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0008 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0009 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0010 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0011 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0012 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0014 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0015 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0016 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0017 debbie-matt-edmonton-river-valley-engagement-0018

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