Everyone has their favourites when they go to a restaurant and if they are ambitious enough they will even try to recreate some of their favourites at home in their own kitchen. Every once in a while I try to make myself that ambitious person. With that being said I was pretty excited when I found out the Earls Restaurants would be releasing a cookbook featuring 110 of some of their best recipes. That’s over 30 year’s of food trends and the book also details much of the company’s History.

Well in typical Earl’s fashion the launch of something great called for a party and I was more than happy to get involved. Many books were sold and the proceeds went to the Edmonton Food Bank. From diners who may have just been randomly visiting the restaurant to Earls regulars, EVERYONE had a great time! A chance to enjoys some of the throwback meals and drinks and a chance to sit and chat with Leroy (Bus) Fuller and Stan Fuller about Earls was such a delight. So many left with full belly, big smiles and signed copies of the cookbook to try and be as ambitious as I plan to be. Here are some photos from the evening

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Venue: Earls Tin Palace Edmonton
Music: Eric Santos

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The Moscow Mule and the Old Fashiend! A couple classic cocktails you can find in the Earls Cookbook

2016-earls-restaurant-cookbook-launch-0012 2016-earls-restaurant-cookbook-launch-0013

Leroy Earl (Bus) Full, Founder of Earls Restaurants

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