Just a little teaser from Heather and Mark’s beautiful wedding at the Devonian Botanic Garden.

Great bridal party. Family and friends. Awesome weather. Awesome location. All the ingredients were there for a beautiful wedding day with Heather and Mark.

devonian-botanic-wedding-heather-mark-let's-reminisce-photography-001 devonian-botanic-wedding-heather-mark-let's-reminisce-photography-002 devonian-botanic-wedding-heather-mark-let's-reminisce-photography-003 devonian-botanic-wedding-heather-mark-let's-reminisce-photography-004 devonian-botanic-wedding-heather-mark-let's-reminisce-photography-005

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Posted by Chris Simon, Edmonton Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering the greater Edmonton, Alberta area and open to travel. The love, the laughter, the pure emotion of your day; it’s YOUR STORY! I just capture it.

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