One of my favourite things about engagement sessions is that they allow me a chance to get a deeper understanding of a couple’s chemistry and see their love. It’s a great time for a couple to just relax and be themselves and be as cuddly or goofy as they want to be just like Kayla and Cody. For real though! From sprint races, to handstands all the way to jumping contests, it’s clear they know how to have fun together. Just take a look and you’ll see what i mean.

kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0002 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0003 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0004 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0005 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0006 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0007 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0008 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0009 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0010 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0011 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0012 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0013 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0014 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0015 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0016 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0017 kayla-cody-whitemud-park-engagement-0018

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Posted by Chris Simon, Edmonton Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering the greater Edmonton, Alberta area and open to travel. The love, the laughter, the pure emotion of your day; it’s YOUR STORY! I just capture it.

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