When Angela contacted me to do a photo shoot with her ‘Brady Bunch’ I was thrilled. She has such a fun nature about her I knew that it would be a fun shoot. This family did not disappoint. I love it when a family comes to a photo shoot with that ‘zany’ kind of energy that keeps them dancing, jumping, smiling the whole time.

edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-001 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-002 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-003 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-004 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-005 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-006 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-007 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-008 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-009 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-010 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-011 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-012 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-013 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-014 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-015 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-016 edmonton-photographer-richardson-poirier-family-017

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Posted by Chris Simon, Edmonton Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering the greater Edmonton, Alberta area and open to travel. The love, the laughter, the pure emotion of your day; it’s YOUR STORY! I just capture it.

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