I once had someone tell me that they don’t want to do an engagement session because those type of sessions are just fluffy, romantic stuff that they are not into. They just like fun photos. My response to that was, “it can be as romantic of just as fun as you want it to be. Just be yourselves.”

Lisa and Ryan are a perfect example of that. Throughout the entire session I don’t think there was a moment where at least two of the three of us weren’t laughing because they were just having fun, dancing, talking travel and food, sharing cat stories (sorry Ryan. Haha) and just being themselves. We started out at Woodwork in downtown Edmonton and ended at Hawrelak Park, both of which hold special meaning for Lisa and Ryan. we just had a great time.

Posted by Chris Simon, Edmonton Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering the greater Edmonton, Alberta area and open to travel. The love, the laughter, the pure emotion of your day; it’s YOUR STORY! I just capture it.

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